Do I have the right to interfere in how other people raise their children?

The child has not chosen to come to the world. It is the parents who have chosen to create the child. The baby can not take care of itself because the parents have the responsibility to take care of their children in a way that enables it to cope when it is fully grown. Children are the next generation of adults who will live together on this planet, and in their turn they will create another generation and carry on the human species because it is our natural instinct to do so.

We all live together in one world. How you treat and raise your child can effect my child – so what you do to your child is my business if you are breaking the non-aggression principle

Children that are exposed to both socially acceptable and non-acceptable forms of violence are being damaged from it. I would like to watch this 3 minute short video clip below that explains exacly why you should care how other people raise their children.

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