Worldschooling video (English)

This is a video I made about what its like to worldschool – from a swedish perspective. How you do it, the benefits and the challenges, and our experiences for the last two years. And the reason for it – which is because we are getting out of the Swedish school system which is compulsory and there is no other curriculum than the swedish state “läroplan”.

In reality the Swedish school is not designed for the individual – it is designed to mold you to become the same as everyone else and to suck out the creativity and urge to learn. It doesnt matter what your abilities are – you still have to do the same stuff – and there are no options if your child is more or less advanced at something or have different interests. Also we were not guaranteed that we could go to the factories we need to in order to run our business, and Do they really think they can force our children and indoctrinate them with their agenda? There was no other way than to leave Sweden. And if we have to leave we might as well make it into an adventure?

Read more on (the blog is in swedish but note the translation gadget on the right hand side that works quite well!)

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