A rock arch amidst a November paradise

České Švýcarsko, or  Czech Switzerland/Swiss Bohemia as it is also called, is a national park in the north of the Czech Republic right next to the German border. It is a real fairytale landscape of jagged sandstone cliffs and vast deep forests that are more or less untouched. A friend recommended us to go here and check out the naturally formed rock arch “Pravčická brána”, which is the largest of its kind in Europe. It was a whole day trip for us but we could actually have stayed here for several days for the wonderful hiking. The road here from Prague was lined with cozy villages, towns and castles along the river. It took us about 2 hours to drive here but it was well worth it. It felt liberating to find wildness again, which we were now short of as we temporarily have settled for an urban life style.

It was a sunny and fresh day. The ground was covered in leaves and the snow that was left from last week.

A falling cliff supported by branches?
Way up the mountain on a carpet of leaves.

Love the landscape! Steep cliffs and a leafy forest.

Soon there!

Tree fungi, snow and leaves left alone to grow and fall as they wished.

Pravcicka Brana – the landmark arch of this national park.
Many miles of wilderness.

The more or less deserted pension just at the side of the arch. Its probably very busy in the summers.

Alone at the top. Wonder view in every direction.

Magical sunset.
Just nature and us.
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7 years ago

Looks like an amazing autumn day!