Swedish homeschooling refugees on the Free cities podcast

I had the pleasure to chat with Tim Allen, a film producer who lends his support to the Free Cities Foundation and hosts the Free Cities podcast. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to share our story with him, about having to leave Sweden because of the school system that forces all the children to have exactly the same curriculum with the same content based on socialdemocratic ideas, where there are no true private school alternatives other than the same “equal” education perhaps dressed differently, and where there is no possibility to opt out. This decision to leave has taken us on quite an adventure for the last 10 years, meeting many homeschooling families around the world and exploring over 45 countries as a family. It even included facing public vilification from the Swedish media labelling me as “The leader of the anti-school movement,” which is actually quite amusing, as you’ll find out during this interview.

Most of our conversation revolved around education, parenting strategies, and what it is like to live as a digital nomad family, exploring different parts of the world while working on the go.

I met Tim for the first time at last year’s “Liberty in Our Lifetime conference,” which was organised by the Free Cities Foundation. At that time, he didn’t know about the horrific school policies in Sweden and the Swedish homeschooling refugees. Unfortunately, most new people I meet don’t know about it, so it feels really good to be able to be part of the podcast and tell the story. The Liberty in Our Lifetime conference is an excellent place to meet like-minded individuals. It is held on 14th and 15th October 2023, in the city of Prague. Here you can see a short video directed by Tim about the conference.

Here are some links to YouTube clips with English text about the media hype during the summer of 2019, exposing a Facebook group encouraging criminal activity.

Leader of the anti-school movement.

SVT exposing criminal facebook group

(Credit to the Free Cities Foundation for the picture)

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