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Id like to introduce you to my blog Denandraresan. It means "the second trip", which for me is the second life after I was reborn after I had children. After my first childs birth I came to realize that everything I was taught was plain wrong.

I set off on a journey to take a different path to follow what felt right and what was also empirically right.

In order to do that we also set off on a real journey and are since almost 8 months a travelling digital nomad family that have never been as free as we are now being homeless and countryless.

We lived in Sweden which is what I would call a surreptitious communist country. I have until I had children not really thought so but after I had children and I noticed how the other parents did with their children (in form of socially accepted forms of abuse and mistreatments of their children) and how they blindly just did what the state asked them to do instead of actually caring for their children I realised that I was not like them.

As our children grew we also came to realize that there is forced schooling in sweden and that the state programme for the schools apply to ALL schools even when they call themselves free schools. Homeschooling and democratic and real montessori schools is banned.

We had taught our eldest son to read when he was one (which was fun and easy with glenn domans flash card method) so when we looked at the schools we found out that he would have to learn the alphabet when he was 7 and that there were no exceptions.

The school plan is also really creepy..the children learn that there is only one way (the state) and how great it is..and doesnt learn to actually question things. My husband arranged a meeting with the local council to find out if there could be an exception for our children...also as we travel a lot in our work they would need about 3 months off at least every year. We found that both there are no exceptions and that we wouldnt be able to be guaranteed do our work as they were only allowed 10 days off each school year apart from the holidays.

Shortly after the meeting we had a huge tax investigation (which i dont think is a coincident at all).. the swedish tax authorities wanted 4 years of our company tax from our British company which is based in UK and all our business is done there and not in Sweden so we argued but didnt win. They gave us 10 days to pay a huge bill. We appealed as we didnt have the money and were waiting to get the tax money back from the UK. They didnt give us more time. We almost lost our house on this. We managed to sell it and get the money for it 3 DAYS before the last payment date.

We sold the house and nearly all our belongings, and got rid of all ties to Sweden. We are now enjoying a new kind of minimalistic life travelling the world with our children. Never have we felt as free as we are now. Hope you enjoy having a look at my blog It is mostly in Swedish, and for those that dont speak swedish there is a good translation button on the top right side. (it works on computers not mobiles)

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