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I have written some pages in English but most including the menus are automatically translated by Google due to lack of time – so I apologize that some of the text must look funny to you.. or even hilarious! But anyway..
Den andra resan means “the second journey” – as in being totally redpilled. I come from Sweden which my British husband calls “clone land”. Its the land of “doing the same as the others” as everyone is programmed to do. Even if you dont do the same the Swedish state is incredibly limiting when it comes to the family and doing what is best for your kids and punish you severely if you even mention (by mistake) that you want to homeschool. This happened to us so we sold everything and left quickly. In Sweden you should be worried the state comes and takes your stuff as well as your children if you dont want them to go through the state curriculum and forced schooling.
You are very limited in how you raise your kids as the school and the state curriculum is obligatory from the age of 6. There are no other options to educate your children so if you want to do it in a different way you have to leave the country. So we ripped up our roots, sold everything and left the country 2015. We cannot return due to the immoral school system and the persecution theyve done so we make it our opportunity to “worldschool” instead. I write about how we do worldschooling and live like a digital nomad family, thoughts and things in our life like natural lenght breastfeeding, unschooling, peaceful parenting and ways to pursue freedoms in an unfree world living in exile because of the school system.
It completely blows my mind how people can do what is they are told completely without thinking and how state indoctrinated they are. They worship the government and school. It can probably be explained by the schooling our generation has been going through ourselves and the generation before that. As time is limited and my mother tongue is Swedish i write (mostly) in Swedish but thanks to the closeness of the two languages you can make sense of what I write in a good enough way by “google translate” it (use desktop version on mobile). Sometimes I do write in english as well. But mostly im too busy chasing children.  Im very happy to receive a small contribution in bitcoin to the QR code above or to 31zyYapc7LPM5RAyGcNmNuySqFHgrcKyFT. And Im always very happy to hear from you too!
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