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One year with Edward!

Life has changed for the better and has become even more exciting since this little person came to us. All children are special but it was something particular with the way this one arrived. It was both dramatic and simple and natural. This year has been to say the least challenging and even more so […]

A busy weekend with a baby at Hackers Congress #hcpp17

I was so happy when I managed to get hold of a ticket to the hackers congress the same morning it started. I lost hope when I checked about a month ago and found out that the tickets were already sold out! As the baby would just be a few weeks old I didnt want […]

A rock arch amidst a November paradise

České Švýcarsko, or  Czech Switzerland/Swiss Bohemia as it is also called, is a national park in the north of the Czech Republic right next to the German border. It is a real fairytale landscape of jagged sandstone cliffs and vast deep forests that are more or less untouched. A friend recommended us to go here and […]

9 work and play places for digital nomad families in Prague

Something that I think is absolutely fantastic with Prague is that there is so much to do for kids here. There seems to be a never ending supply of kids activities and kids play areas that fits well with the digital nomad family life style. Here in Prague many restaurants and cafes often have something […]